Hi again lovelies. I am so excited to show you today the secret to a perfectly corrected skin. I am about to show you my favorite foundation products that I am using for over two years now and that I can never sacrifice. I have tried to switch to other products, but to be honest, I found myself going back to my top favorites because they are just PERFECT. If you have a few blemishes or some acne on your skin, you are just at the right place, so please keep reading.


Truth  be told, I have never had acne and my skin is fine. However, I sometimes get a few blemishes on my face, especially right  before my period (I guess it’s a natural thing for many women). But, even though I don’t have a lot of imperfections on my skin, I like to have a flawless face. However, I am afraid that in order to achieve that latter, you shouldn’t just pour some liquid foundation on your skin, spread it out adding some powder on your face and basta. Good news is that I am going to show you all the steps and products in details, but bad news is: you should become less lazy on your makeup because it’s quite of an effort. But, I promise that as soon as you get used to it, it becomes like a piece of cake. NOW LET’S GET STARTED!! It usually takes me about 6 to 9 minutes to clean my skin in the morning and apply my foundation, so let’s follow the steps:

Step 0:

This step is not mandatory, it would actually be just a tip. If you suffer of non-permanent  blemishes or imperfections and you can’t stand looking at yourself in the mirror because your skin used to be so perfect, you could just use this cream, right before you sleep. Trust me, it’s a REAL MIRACLE as you start seeing results after the first application. It’s called VICHY – Night Detox Normaderm and it reduces your imperfections magically.


strengths : smell, texture, efficiency and price

Weaknesses: none

Price: around 15 Euros/40 ml  OR 2250 DZ ( In DZD it’s less expensive)

Rank : 10/10

Step 01: Use a CLEANSING GEL

Every morning you wake up, before applying anything on your skin, it’s important to give it a wash by using a gel cleanser, preferably. I would personally recommend Vichy Normaderm Gel Cleanser ( I love Normaderm collection. It’s just miraculous) as it cleans the skin perfectly, leaving it shiny and bright. An equivalent to this cleanser would be: NUXE Reve de Miel Gel Cleanser and Makeup Remover.


strengths: smell, texture, cleaning power and price

Weaknesses: none

Rank: 10/10

Price: around 11 Euros/200 ml or 1335 DZ (again, in DZD it’s really less expensive than in euros)

How to use? 

Wet your face a bit, pour some gel on your hands, then apply it on your face by doing some circulatory movements for approximately one minute or use a facial brush (if you want to have better results, if so I would recommend KIKO CLEANSING FACE BRUSH). Then, wash your face with abundant water and dry it off.




It is necessary to use a toning lotion right after having cleaned your face to regularize the PH of the skin. The best one I have used so far and in my opinion, is just a bliss is CLARINS TONING LOTION WITH IRIS. It smells AMAZIIIING and it’s alcohol free, so no need to worry about allergic reactions.This incredible lotion has another advantage since it’s for two skin types : combination or oily skin. Pour some of it on a cotton pad and your PH gets neutralized like magic.

Tip: dry your skin right after using the lotion on it because it can get seriously dry if you don’t.


strengths: smell and effect on the skin

Weaknesses: price (although I think that in Algeria, it’s quite reasonable)

Rank: 9/10

Price: around 20 Euros/200 ml OR 2650 DZ



Although many beauty bloggers and makeup artists are big fans of moisturizer or makeup primers, I simply go for hydrating creams just for the fact that they are safer on the skin, cheaper and have multi-usage. For this reason I always buy hydrating creams and ended up having tons of them at home. However, the one I really like is URIAGE TOLEDERM HYDRA-SOOTHING CREAM. It’s amazing because its’ for intolerant and hyper-reactive skin, which means it has a super smooth baby effect on the face and it contains no perfume, ie it’s super safe. Apply a thin layer to the skin of this cream right before applying your foundation. It would serve as a barrier that protects your skin from any chemicals contained in the foundation.


strengths : safety, effect, texture, components and price

Weaknesses: some people could be disturbed with the fact that it has no smell (it can give the impression that you are using a medicine and not a cosmetic product). However, it could also be considered as a strength for the simple fact that it’s safer with no perfume.

Price: around 15 Euros/50 ml OR 1250 DZ (Which I think is a great deal in Algeria)

Rank: 9/10



The key to an amazingly looking skin is with no doubt choosing the right liquid foundation and the right tone for your skin. The best I have used so far is BOURJOIS FLOWER PERFECTION, that stays up to 16 hours on your face. It’s coverage and texture are more than perfect. My shade is light so I use N51- LIGHT VANILLA as my skin tone is a bit pale. However, my sister has a lighter yet rosy skin and magically, the same color suits her perfectly.

The application is the second key to having a perfect flawless skin. You can either apply it with a SPONGE BLENDER (those of PRIMARK are the cheapest and the best) OR simply using a foundation brush by going up from the nose to the cheeks or from the interior to the face to the outside of it. My favorite of all times is QVS FOUNDATION AND CONCEALER BRUSH. This latter is just wow in all aspects: smooth, easy to use and cheap.

An equivalent to BOURJOIS FLOWER PERFECTION, would be VICHY DERMABLEND, but it’s a bit more expensive, so better go for the first one.



strengths: texture, coverage and price. It also lasts for too long and doesn’t shine, it’s completely matte.

Weaknesses: none, except for the little sponge which comes on top that I really don’t like, but I don’t mind it because I don’t even use it.

Price: around 15 euros/ 30ml OR 1650 DZ (which again is less expensive in Algeria)

Rank: 09.5/10


strengths: easy to use, blends perfectly, light on the hand and skin, has a double side (one for liquid foundation and another for the concealer or the highlighter and it is cheap.

Weaknesses: none

Rank: 10/10


@primark blender sponge: 2 for only 1 pound 50.


Step 05: Use a CONCEALER

Choosing the right concealer doesn’t just help cover your dark circles, but also allows hiding all the little imperfections that weren’t completely covered by the foundation. The best concealer I have used so far is the one of MAKEUP STUDIO. This brand offers professional makeup and this concealer is an amazing sample that represents MAKEUP STUDIO perfectly. It’s texcture is thick permitting to hide all kinds of imperfections, even a few scars. Although small, the pot lasts forever as you don’t need to use many thick layers to see results. For better results, use the QVS FOUNDATION AND CONCEALER BRUSH, mentioned previously.



Step 06: apply a POWDER FOUNDATION

Kill the brightness of the liquid foundation and get a matte skin by using a finishing powder. The one I am actually using and which I really like is the SEPHORA  ARTIST LOOSE POWDER. I love it because it gives a natural glow to the face without making your skin look like a thick layer of paint. To perfectly apply it, I recommend a similar brush to THE BODY SHOP EXTRA VIRGIN MINERALS.




Step 07: The Finishing / Use a makeup fix:

Like step 0, this one is also optional. In order to make your makeup last for more hours, use a makeup fix like the one of SAMPAR, which I originally bought to use as a toning lotion, but since I liked the one of CLARINS even more, I started using this one as a makeup fix and it really does the job.


strengths: it’s freshness, packaging,  hydration, makeup fix and how easy it is to use as it comes under the form of a spray.

Weaknesses: it smells a bit like mosquito pump and is quite expensive for its efficiency

Rank: 7.5/10