1- Daisy by Marc Jacobs:

I have heard of this perfume as soon as it came out, as all the ladies, whether young or old, were wearing it. However, it never crossed my mind to buy it and that’s, I guess,  because I have always been faithful to my old favorite fragrances, until my last birthday, when an amazing italian friend of mine (who I like so much, by the way), offered it to me. I was so happy to finally get the chance to try it out. So, as soon as I took the bottle out of the box, it was like magic!! The packaging is so incredibly beautiful and feminine and those big daisy flowers around the top add a taste of glamour to it. It’s obviously a floral scent as you can clearly smell the mix of flower and fruit : Violet leaf, Jasmine, Vanilla, Grapefruit and many other components. I usually dislike fruity perfumes since, in my opinion, they smell too strong and give me headaches. But, surprisingly, this one is a bliss and I guess it’s thanks to the dominant mix of chic flowers. It smells, edgy, light, sophisticated and feminine. It has character, however the smell isn’t long-lasting and I’m afraid you would need to put on more and more during the day, and this obviously means that you will need to carry it througout the day in your bag and would consume it quickly. It is also quite pricey (around 84 euros/100 ml). But still, I guess it would be worth the price if you enjoy the scent of lowers and want to smell chic.


2- Premier Jour by Nina Ricci:

Well, well, well, what can I say about this perfume? It’s real perfection! I have been using it for over two years now and I am on my fourth bottle. I will just never sacrifice it or get enough of it. The packaging isn’t super attractive to me, though but, who actually cares about a bottle when the perfume inside of  is just FABULOUS? I am amazed by this floral fragrance. as soon as you put a little splash on your skin, you smell a very unique mix of flower as well as some light fruit: vanilla, orchid, jasmine (I’m not sure about jasmine, but I can smell it), mandarin and many others. It’s romantic, sensual, sexy (got a lot of compliments from guys applying the term SEXY describing the perfume and when a guy says so, you better never sacrifice it), dreamy, glamorous, and unlike Daisy by Marc Jacobs, it is also a fresh. It doesn’t make me dizzy knowing that I am so sensitive to strong scents. However, as all good perfumes, it’s quite pricy (around 65 euros/50 ml). Overall, it is by far the best Nina Ricci Perfume and the best fragrance I have ever tried.



3- Marry Me by Lanvin:

To be quite honest, I am not a big fan of Lanvin as their perfumes don’t usually meet my tastes, but I remember smelling this fragrance 4 years ago at a perfume retailer and was amazed by the smell, however I did not buy it because I discovered on the same day Premier jour which I preferred. But, as I decided to try something new, I fell in love again with this perfume, last month and I found myself buying it. The packaging is so feminine, dreamy and sophisticated. I like the fact that the perfume looks purple. It has a very special mix of light flowers, roses and fruit as it smells: jasmine, rose petals, magnolia breeze, bitter orange, white peach and many more. A perfectly fresh perfume that makes you smell confident, edgy and gives you character. It’s light and very romantic. However, the name sounds so weird to me saying to myself: what if a man asks me of the name of the perfume I’m wearing, and I answer without thinking “Marry Me”, he would definetly think I am a depressed freak, who wanna jump on any guy she meets for the first time.It’s also quite expensive: about 60 euros/50 ml (although, I got it for half price). Overall, it’s a MUST HAVE perfume that you wouldn’t regret having.


The three perfumes are a perfect floral fragrance collection that anyone who is fan of roses, flowers and some light fruit wouldn’t regret buying.