During my trip to London, and when I first got into OXFORD  STREET’S PRIMARK, I was amazed by how huge the store was, containing everything from ready-to-wear to processed food. However, I have never thought over grabbing some Primark beauty products for the simple fact that I have always had a misjudgment about the quality of those goods. Later on, as I needed to wait in a very long line, many temptations crossed my way (and I guess exposing a few products on the cashier line is a very smart idea, as they keep clients busy and attracted so that they would purchase one or two more things before paying). Anyways, as I was between those two very tempting and attractive lines, I came across many beauty products: from lip crayons, to lipsticks, to nail lacquers. At first, I hesitated, especially when I saw the price (the damn things were too cheeeaaap, they were from 1 pound to 1 pound 50 each), and let’s not lie to ourselves girls, we have the tendency of under-estimating all what’s cheap. However, after a few seconds, I just decided to grab a few beauty products, and I tried to go for different collections in order to know more about the pros and the cons of each one of them by myself.So, I will be reviewing in this article 5 must have Primark lipsticks that I am in love with. Now let’s get started with the review!!!!


Above, you can see the shade and the name of every lipstick. Surprisingly, their texture is just amazing! To be honest, for that price, I was expecting something that hardly appears on the lips.

1- Moisture Rich Lipstick:


This lipstick was the very first one I grabbed from Primark. I don’t know whether I got attracted by the color or the packaging, either way, it worked as I took it with no hesitation. Its color is just amazing, it’s in shade “First Date ” (cute title, no?), it also serves as a lip moisturizer as it contains Vitamine E and Shea butter. The packaging is so cute; this combination of black with a gold font and a transparent top makes it look so elegant and edgy. I like the fact that the packaging isn’t rounded as it makes it look more modern and sophisticated (it actually reminds me of the gorgeous Smash Box lipsticks, about which I will write a review really soon). As soon as you try it out whether on your lips or on your skin, you notice the Shea Butter, as it smells good and makes it so easy to spread on the lips because it isn’t dry. I normally go for matte lipsticks, but I love this one so much, simply because it’s different, not very shiny and smells good. The color is very exceptional because it isn’t a boring red, it’s actually a bit orangy and it gives the lip volume. Overall, what’s great about this product is its double function: as a lipstick and a balm.

Retouche de visages_JV9Ipp

With flash on : closed and open mouth.


With flash off: closed and open mouth


On hand skin

2- Liquid Lipstick:


This lipstick was the very last I grabbed, as I deeply hesitated before adding it to my shopping bag. When I first took it in my hands, I thought it would look like one of those ridiculous childish lipsticks that have neither a good texture, nor a nice color. But, surprisingly, I was completely wrong, color number 07  turned out to be magical and the texture was just perfect. It’s easy to apply, although the brush is a bit small and it tastes so amazing. The only thing I would reproach this liquid lipstick for would be the fact that it sticks to the teeth if you apply more than one layer. So, you have to either not smile or carry a tissue with you every time your teeth touch your lips.

Retouche de visages_6q5dzy

With flash on : closed and open mouth


With flash off: closed and open mouth


On hand skin (great texture, isn’t it?)

3- The Matt Collection:

This lipstick collection is so much gorgeous that it gives a super professional look. As soon as you wear any of its lipsticks and you go out, people would complement you without even thinking that it could be a cheap Primark product. All of its products smell vanilla and I love it. They are completely matt and the colors are so chic.

A- Matt Long Lasting Lipstick : Serenity


When I first got this lipstick, I was so exited because I thought it was a orangy scarlet red matt as it exactly looks at the bottom of the packaging. However,s soon as I opened it all my enthusiasm disappeared because I suddenly noticed that the color on top was completely different from the one of the bottom as it looked quite purple and too dark for my taste. So, I thought there was no need for it as I already had a similar MAC color. That is why I abandoned it for about 20 days without even giving in it a shot. But, when I decided to give all PS lipsticks a chance, I started with it and I realised that it was gorgeous. It is too dark, true! But, it’s so classy and chic and the texture is just great. It also blends easily on the lips and it stays for too long. It’s definitely a winner to me.

Retouche de visages_qX3kMX

With flash on : closed and open mouth.


With flash off: closed and open mouth


On hand skin

B- Matt Long Last Lipstick: Whisper



I am totally satisfied with this lipstick as it’s  light and the color is very chic. It smells vanilla from metres and, for a matt lipstick, it isn’t that dry, which makes it quite easy to apply on the lips. The only negative aspect (if I could even name it: negative); about this lipstick is the fact that you need to carefully spread it a bit more even on the interior of the lip, otherwise it would look like you lips have dead skin on them. However, it’s the case for almost all matt lipsticks of this color. Plus, it’s texture is great, so you don’t even need to apply many layers to make it stand out. I guess it has been named WHISPER, because of the fact that it is very discrete.

Retouche de visages_isUBWI

With flash on: closed and open mouth (obviously lol)


With flash off: closed and open mouth


On Handskin

C- Matt Long Last Lipstick: Desire


As the whole matt collection, this lipstick smells like bliss as it contains a very clear and strong vanilla scent. The texture is great, allowing you to economize the product and use it for several times before you completely consume it. The color is very tempting (I guess that’s why it has been called DESIRE), it’s a mixture of light purple, light rose and beige. It gives some more volume to the lips and is very easy to apply. However, unlike the other products of the same collection, it’s a bit shiny and not completely matt. But, remember, it’s just for 1£50, so there is no way to regret buying it.

Retouche de visages_L23SiT

With flash on: closed and open mouth


With flash off: closed and open mouth


On hand skin


Overall, I would just like to say that this collection is very affordable and totally worth buying.