A few months ago, I remember being on Superdrug website, when an advertisement on Tanya Burr cosmetics popped in. I instantly got attracted to the design of her beautifully made products. The packaging seemed too girly, fresh and glamorous. However, I was too sad not to be able to purchase those products as I live in a country where technology never works properly. So, I couldn’t wait to go back to London and try out some of those gorgeous products.


In fact, I have travelled again to London and have chosen the date of my trip thoughtfully making sure to be there for Christmas,  New Year and especially SALES. On boxing day, the first store I have been to was SUPERDRUG, and I have been blessed to have this store in my cousin’s small town (where I was staying during my visit), as small stores are usually less packed. According to what I remember, I have decided to get in the store in order to buy a few SLEEK products that I will be reviewing in the near future, but even before putting my hands on those goods, there was a big stand full of promotional Christmas offers up to 70% off.  There were so many amazing treasures, from TANYA BURR to ZOELLA to many other brands. I couldn’t believe the prices: the products were for a SONG.

I got this christmas gift of Tanya Burr for two reasons, or even three. First, I always want to try new cosmetic brands, especially TANYA BURR as I got instantly attracted to its products since the first time I saw it on that online advertisement. Second, because the packaging was too cute and the color was too chic and attractive. Then finally, I got it for less than half price; for about 3£ if I’m not mistaken and it was worth 10£.


So let’s speak about the packaging now: it’s made out of a carton box which makes it super practical, light and easy to carry in your bag. The box is in blue decorated with cute white snowflakes on top (what?? white snow flakes!! lol as if snow was of a different color. I can be so dumb at times!). The mid section is in light pink that almost looks like white and the back of the box is in blue containing a description of what’s inside the box and a quick description on how to apply those products by TANYA BURR, a list of the ingredients used in each product and what I find even cooler is the black and white picture of Tanya Burr on the upper left corner of  the backside of the box. However, the only thing I don’t really appreciate about carton boxes is the fact that the products inside (all kinda powders) can break easily if you drop the box.


The Internal Surprise!

As much as I loved how original the packaging was, there was nothing more exciting than the surprise I got when I opened the magical box. It was literally, the cutest makeup gift set I have ever seen with that beautiful neat mirror, decorated with snowflakes on the edges. What is actually more interesting about it is the fact that it is square-shaped and big enough to see your face with no struggle.


But, the mirror isn’t the best surprise as there is yet much more to come. The other side of the box contains a gorgeous pink gloss, a blush (that looks most likely like a bronzer) and a highlighter also decorated with snowflake shapes on top, to make it look like a proper christmas set.





I am not a big fan of lipgloss and I usually go for matt lipsticks, instead. However, this lipgloss has something very unique about it. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and light, and the gold details are just fabulous. Its texture is like a mirror and it doesn’t dry at all; I actually have the impression of having lips of glass when I wear it. It’s easy to apply and it smells vanilla which I really like. It also has a cute name: “afternoon tea”, which I think Tanya chose in relation to her English origins.The color is so sexy: a combination of fresh pink and apricot. I would definitely give this gloss a 9/10.





As far as I remember myself wearing makeup, I rarely go for pink blushes, instead, I am more likely of an orangy blush girl. I just feel that blushes with a more orangy-browny kinda shade make my face look more contoured and defined and my cheekbones pop out. When I opened this treasure box, I was so happy to find out that the blush was quite brown. However, I wasn’t really a fan of it when I tried it out as it looked way too brown on my skin: almost like a bronzer. But, I didn’t hate it; I guess I was just expecting the color to be more suitable for my skin tone. overall, it was an average blush with great pigmentation.


Moving on to the highlighter (which is always my favorite part as I am a huuuge fan of shimmer on the upper part of the cheeks), I couldn’t wait to try it on. Well quite honestly, it was unfortunately not as pigmented as the blush (I would’ve prefered to have the opposite: a highly pigmented highlighter instead of a blush). It looked like a very light sparkly yellow that was a bit hard to notice without adding a second layer. But, I can’t ignore the fact that it was easy to apply and also somehow soft to blend in, I have seen better highlighters but this one was a fine one, too especially for a new brand which is not that famous on the market.

I hope you can notice it on the pictures. PS: I have used the blush, highlighter and gloss from this palette.


Overall, if you want a very quick everyday natural makeup, I highly recommend these products and this palette especially, because it will definitely makes you save time and money. I just hope it is still available.

Hope this article was somehow helpful. It would be a pleasure if you could recommend any further beauty topics as I am eager to help.

So, let’s see you soon


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