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Hi lovelies! That has been quite a while, hasn’t it?  Today, I can’t wait to share with you my opinion about some hand products that I have tried and that do not cost a thing. Let’s admit it, we all prefer to buy something that we are sure will work for us although it’s cheap (it’s always good to pinch pennies when it comes to cosmetics as most of a girl’s budget gets spent on it), so I can imagine what it is like to take a risk on costly ones. That is why I would try to help making you save money by making this review before you purchase any of them.

Coming from a girl who has suffered from eczema for over 12 years now, the opinion on hand care should be taken into serious consideration, and if a product worked for such damaged hands, it should definitely work for you. I have used so many hand products for the past 10 years that there are some I don’t even remember. But, the shorter, the better, that is why I have actually selected only five of them. Anyway, let’s get started!


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I got this hand cream from TK MAX for 1£ exactly but, it normally costs 4£ on (still not expensive for the quality and the presentation) . I got instantly attracted to that pretty pink and golden packaging which is definitely one of GRACE COLE main qualities. This 50 ml cream (1.69 fl.oz) is super light and its colors are just amazing: a chic combination of light pink and gold that makes every single letter or sign on it look on the right place. the top of the bottle is very easy to open and extremely practical and it is protected from the inside by aluminium and plastic so that the product wouldn’t come out non intentionally. Another strong point of this made in England product is that it lasts 12 months, which is a fair period to use and finish.

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This hand and nail cream’s texture looks quite thick at first, but it softly blends on the hand and it’s super light. As you can see on the picture, the cream itself is light pink, exactly like the packaging which makes it look feminine and fresh. The reason why this hand product  is my least favorite is the smell of it which I DON’T LIKE AT ALL. let me tell you what it smells like; it has the EXACT SAME SCENT as the one of LA VIE EST BELLE by LANCOME, I have that perfume and I never wear it because it’s completely sickening for me, it gives me headaches. I’m sure many of you will disagree, and I would be even happier if you do because it’s a great product and it would be a pity that you don’t use it just because of the smell. As you can see on the container, this cream is made out of vanilla and peony, with extracts of almond oil, silk and champagne. Overall, if you’re ok with how LA VIE EST BELLE smells, just go for this cream!

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Neutrogena has always been a very reliable brand to me. Its products are efficient and the quality is usually guaranteed. That was the main reason why I got this cream from a drugstore in Algeria called UNO. If I remember, it cost me around 3£, which I believe is more than affordable. I used to have a plain Neutrogena hand cream before getting this one, but I guess this NORVEGIAN FORMULA looked much more tempting to me. The product has an okay packaging with interesting colors: red, blue and black on top of the white. Besides, there are two versions of this 50 ml hand cream: there is the original version and the concentrate version; which is the one I’m actually reviewing. This specific formula is designed for dry and damaged hands. It’s also good to know that it has been developed by dermatologists; so it’s not just a cosmetic product. This Norvegian formula lasts 12 months, which will be enough to test and finish the product.


Now let’s get down to the cream itself! Well, the top of the container is wide which makes it very practical to open. However, the thing I don’t really appreciate about it, is that the cream comes out really hard, you need to squeeze the bottle really well so that you can use it. This hand cream texture is quite thick and I have ranked it fourth because when you spread it on your hand, it looks white like SOAP at the beginning and it fades out unless you rub it over and over. But, as soon as it spreads onto the skin, it feels so smooth and light. Also, the smell is very pleasant as all Neutrogena products.


#3, REVE DE MIEL by NUXE Paris:


I am so into this hand and nail cream by NUXE, which is one of my favorite brands. This product approximately costs in my country 8£, but I got it for free after purchasing two other products from the same brand in one of the pharmacies in the capital. You would think that it’s a bit pricy comparing to the previous creams, but every penny of it is absolutely worth it! The packaging is quite classic but nice and it’s cohesive with the REVE DE MIEL collection. Miel in French means HONEY and you can instantly guess it by looking at  the packaging color. Unlike the previous containers, this one is 75ml which could be either an advantage; as it lasts longer and the price is worth it, or a disadvantage as it wouldn’t be very practical to carry around in any bag. The top of this bottle is also practical as you can’t lose it because it’s stuck to the container itself, but it’s quite hard to open.


This  cream is perfection. The texture is great, not that light, not that thick, just the right degree to come out and spread easily. It blends smoothly and it doesn’t feel heavy on the hands. Besides, unlike NEUTROGENA NORVEGIAN FORMULA, it doesn’t leave white spots, it’s totally transparent when it blends. I feel like it really repairs, nourishes and protects the skin and nails. It doesn’t hurt me when I apply it over my damaged hands and it smells greeeaat: honey with karité. It’s made with precious oils, sunflower, honey and VITAMINE E, so what can be safer than this! I am so into this product and the proof is that I almost consumed all of it.




Mmmm… what can I say about this scrub? It’s just one of my favorite products so far; I am ready to buy it over and over again. I normally shouldn’t have included it with the creams, but I just needed to, because first, to me it’s a winner and second, it repairs the hands instantly. I actually never thought that a hand scrub could be this efficient. Besides, it’s so cheap, I personally got it for about 3£, but I am not sure if it’s still being sold (it would be a disaster if it’s not 😥  too  sad ). ORIFLAME is a Swedish brand that usually does a door to door selling. It sells body care, makeup and makeup accessories. There are some of their products that I really don’t like, but there are some that are very well made and super exceptional. The packaging of this hand scrub is nice: the orange and green make it look lively and the plastic is very thin which makes it so light.  Exactly like the previous product, this 75ml scrub lasts 12 months after opening which is good but not great for a scrub as we don’t use it as often as a cream so it can expire before complete consumption.PSX_20170205_203308.jpg

The scrub itself is also orange or rather brown, it’s a bit too liquidy but it’s the most amazing thing on earth. It gives you hands of babies. If anybody touches your hands after using this product, they would feel how soft they are. I highly recommend it for both its smell and its efficiency! It’s a killer!


#1,COLD CREAM by Avène:

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OH BABE! That’s exactly what I call THE HAND CREAM! We almost all know how much avène is reliable regarding products that are efficient for sensitive skin, but I have probably never liked any of their products more than this one. The packaging is very simple and clean, yet sophisticated. The top of it is very practical for untidy people like me, who lose things in the process of disorder, so  it is attached to the container: something really helpful. This 50 ml cream also lasts 12 months which is more than enough to consume the product, especially that you will certainly get addicted to it like me. Trust me, if any of you buys this, they won’t stop buying it for their entire lives. Ps: it costs in my country around 4£.


Well, the reason why this cream is on the top of my list of favorites is that it’s not only good from the outside, but it’s even better from the inside. Unlike NEUTROGENA, you don’t need to squeeze the bottle hard to get the product out, and unlike the previous creams, it doesn’t come out in big quantities, but in just the right amount. It smell is so pleasant and it’s so soft. It never burns my hands, even when I have eczema. It protects, nourishes and even repairs damaged or dry hands. Besides,  the EAU THERMALE collection is designed for sensitive and damaged skin. If you don’t have this hand cream, you don’t have anything.

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For more details on any product, please feel free to ask questions or comment on the article, I can’t be happier than when you speak out your minds.

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