MAYBELLINE PUSH UP DRAMA MASCARA aims to give a false lash look with its straight and hard plastic brush. It costs around 7£, which in my opinion, is a very fair price. In this article, I am going to be reviewing the product fully, as well as giving you a before and after picture of my lashes so, stay tuned..

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During these past years, Mybelline has been doing quite well at mascaras; producing an attractive colorful range from EFFET FAUX CILS VOLUM’ Express to LASH SENSATIONAL to FAUX CILS PUSH UP DRAMA. The two first products that I have mentioned previously, have been rated the best of drugstore by many makeup fans, bloggers, gurus, artists,  and professionals and Maybelline Push Up Drama is no different. Besides, the day I bought it, I was planning to get the LASH SENSATIONAL, then after I was introduced to this new mascara (PUSH UP DRAMA) , I instantly fell in love as it made my lashes way longer, darker and higher. Also, as I bought the product on the 8th of March, I was able to get a very cute mirror and a lipbalm for free, from the same brand of course.


As you can see above on the picture, the packaging is very cute and colorful: red on top, black in the middle and pink at the bottom with pink transcript on the black part. However, the thing I don’t really appreciate about this type of packaging is that it can get scratched so easily and the colors dissolve with time. Also, the bottom part almost looks like a double ended mascara, but it’s not.



This made in italy product contains 9.5 ml, but unfortunately only lasts for 6 months.

Now let’s get down to what makes this mascara this good: the BRUSH itself. Unlike the previous maybelline mascaras, this latter is straight and made out of hard plastic. It contains on the sides cups under the shape of waves.



When I first applied it onto my lashes, I instantly noticed that it was similar to ROLLER LASH by benifit, except for the fact that it makes the lashes look darker. Here is a a before and after pic of my lashes. Ps: I have only applied one coat of the product, as I didn’t want that my lashes would look sticky and too thick.


Please excuse my messy eyebrows. I know it looks quite gros on the picture :p

All in all, I really liked this mascara: it’s the right one if you want to achieve that agressive wild look without having overdone lashes.



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