Having a beautifully homogeneous instagram feed isn’t only a cool thing, but also allows us to gain more followers as these people are usually interested into organized and meaningful instagram pages.

Today, I will be sharing with you 10 tips on how to achieve an awesome theme, that would hopefully make you earn more and more fans in the future. So with no further do, let’s get started!

TIP N°01: Limit your topic

Select an insta topic or several insta topics (it’s better not to choose more than 4 subjects) that you would like to post about. Also, try to choose related topics. For example, my personal main instagram topics on @beautyclimber are: fashion & makeup, health, photography and lifestyle. I have chosen these topics because they represent my major hobbies. Once, you make up your mind about what you want to post about in the future, you will hesitate less and the rest will be just a piece of cake!

The picture bellow shows my most recent pictures I have published on instagram, representing my main topics:


TIP N°02: Select a Color Palette

One of the main keys (if not the main one) to achieving a nice looking organized feed is your color palette. It’s almost the same principle as the one of clothes. If you dress as a rainbow and you leave the house, you will look hideous and awkward to people. It will certainly hurt the eyes to look at you. So imagine those lovely profile visitors who could be your future followers or fans, checking your profile and being struck by that bad explosion of colors. BOOM! Nobody would want to follow such a disorganized page trust me! So, what you need to do is basically choosing your main color, then some sub colors that will break it down in a good way, because having only one color from head to toe doesn’t help either. For instance, on my main instagram page @beautyclimber, my favorite color is pink (to be honest, I don’t know where I caught this pink fever). Then, my sub colors are purple, black, yellow, white and some shades of blue, green and even a bit of red red.

The following picture shows clearly my instagram palette:


I know that choosing a color palette will certainly limit you as you might not be able to publish all your favorite pictures if they don’t match. But, the good news is that you could either edit them by adding special filters that help you achieve the color desired. Otherwise, if worse comes to worst, and the picture is very different either from your theme or from your color palette, just publish it on facebook, twitter or pinterest so, be thankful to the existence of several social media networks!

TIP N°03: Use a good editing app and stick to it!

To your knowledge, nobody is living in that white colorful world that you are amazed by when you see celebrities or famous social media figures showing in their pictures. Besides, not everyone has a luminous bright house that gives enough room to sun in every corner. Quite honestly, I live in a super dark house and this used to be a handicap for me at the beginning, thinking that it’s the only way to taking perfectly bright pictures. But, none of this is true as with the help of a good photo editor, you can either brighten the picture or add colorful filters that allow you to build a homogeneous theme.

Personally, my favorite editors are:


images (3)

I use this app to either whiten the background, darken it or add text and logo. It’s so easy and allows you to save pictures under a very high quality. Besides, it is free so no need to invest.

Here is an example of a picture I whitened using pixlr:


Well, excuse the spots on the after picture. The point wasn’t to whiten it perfectly, but only to show you the capacity of the app.

Another cool thing about it is that you can undo some spots and leave the others. A feature which is not present in all photo editors like: AVIARY.



Aviary is my crush right now: the coolest app with the coolest filters. It is not completely free though, but the free options are enough already, trust me. I use this app for the main work which is: brightening and adding cool effects that would completely transform the photo.

On a future article, I will be sharing with you the exact filters that I use to achieve my pink theme. You should also know that you should stick to the same filters in order to have a homogeneous feed (you have no other choice).

Here is an example of a shot I have taken 4 months ago near Tower Bridge which  I have edited using only Aviary:


It is true that editing landscapes can much easily be adapted to your desired color palette and theme, and that portraits are much more complicated to make them suit your feed, but it’s never impossible to make them somehow look related to your theme. It just requires more time, effort and creativity.


unnamed (1)

I am a big and faithful fan of this application since the day it came out. It is officially the professional smartphone photo editor. It contains many interesting features, of which very cool filters that I don’t use. However, I generally use the denoise, the straightening, the brightening and the warming tools.

Here is an example of a picture on which I used the four features  mentioned above (the most striking is the straightening tool):


TIP N°04: Use a neutral background on portraits, food and products pictures

It is important to know that the secret to a polished and clean theme is the use of a neutral background (white, black or any other color). You are obviously not required to use this background in any kinda picture, but it’s highly recommended when you snap food, cosmetic products, some portraits and also quotes.

Here are a few examples of pictures I took that represent different subjects but, all of them have a neutral background:


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TIP N°05: Stick to the same filters and the same editing steps

Clearly, not every picture is treated a 100% like the previous ones because this primarily depends on the light it had been taken in and the color palette as well. However, what I suggest, is using the same filters, just changing from the editing intensity from one picture to the other. In this case, Aviary offers a great feature that automatically saves your most recent used filters so that you wouldn’t be lost among hundreds of other effects. In other words, it will allow you to save time and energy.

Here is how the feature looks like on Aviary:


TIP N°06: Use a preview application

This is with no doubt, a mandatory step. You should at least have an idea on how your photos will look like together and all those famous instagram figures do the same. My favorite application is:


This application is really helpful as it doesn’t only allow you to display your images and see how they will look like together, but it has much more advanced options. Thanks to PREVIEW APP you can schedule pictures to be posted selecting a suitable time and date. You can also modify pictures using cool filters if you are fun of sticking to one app that does everything for you, instead of having different applications to modify pictures (ex: AVIARY, VSCO CAM, PIXLR..). However, in order to have full access to filters you should buy the app.

You basically need to display a bunch of pictures on this application and start moving them around until you get the best harmony. In case you encounter difficulties finding this cohesion, you can just go back to the drawing board by deleting some content and replace it by another, then start the operation over and over until you get your desired combination. Then, you can go through some pictures, edit them to make them look coherent on your feed. Finally, you can schedule your next posts. This way you will stay organized.

Using an application that allows you to display your images is, with no doubt, more than necessary. You can’t publish something as long as you don’t know how it will look like on your feed with the rest of your content; as our objective is to create something HOMOGENEOUS, FLAWLESS, MATCHING and easy on the eye.

Here is an example of how I move my pictures around on PREVIEW APP to achieve the best combination:


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TIP N°07: Combine a group of pictures before publishing:

What I mean by this is to never publish individually without seeing your next post within a bunch of other pictures. If you don’t preview your content, you won’t be able to achieve a homogeneous feed: IT WILL BE A SURPRISE and NOT A GOOD ONE, unfortunately.

In this case, my advise would be to have a minimum of 6 pictures (I recommend 9) that you could preview to see if they match. If you use PREVIEW APP or any other that does the same work, try to display first the three latest pictures that were already posted on your instagram, add 6 more new pictures and start playing around with the new photos to see how they will look like with your previous content.

TIP N°08: Do not publish pictures of the same element one after the other

If your theme is about fitness, healthy eating, workouts and sport outfits, do not keep posting pictures about the same subject over and over (ex: 5 successive pictures of sport outfits followed by 3 successive pictures of what’s on your plate). Posting about the same topic successively will certainly be super boring and it will throw your feed cohesion away. The best thing is to mix topics to seem interesting and fun. You can also throw a quote from time to time to make your feed look better.

Here is a picture that shows how I try to break down my theme:


TIP N°09: Throw in a motivational quote, once in a while:

Making inspirational quotes part of your feed doesn’t only make your profile look good, but it actually gets you engagement. It could be a way of expressing yourself; showing to people who you are and the way you think. However, pay attention to the background color as it must match your content. I personally design my own quotes, using different apps and fonts (you can use PIXLR: it contains this feature). Also, make sure to download a high quality background as it will look better on your feed. Try to not publish quotes randomly, but rather, with an interval. For instance, I publish a quote after having published eight different pictures.

TIP N°10: Be creative, post personal pictures and get inspired by others:

Instagram is my absolute favorite social media network because it allows us to be creative and share things we love with others. Thanks to it, we can explore our artistic side. So, simply be creative but there is absolutely no harm in learning from inspiring people. So, just find your instagram muse, get inspired by him or her and be unique.


To conclude, never forget that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and that’s exactly what instagram does for us. It allows us to show who we are through displaying pictures and by doing so, we save our speech. In other words, if your pictures are interesting, so your profile will be.

Ps: I guarantee that having a nice feed is one of the main secrets to having more followers as it was the case for me when I decided to delete all my previous content on instagram and start over. I actually started having a flow of new real followers. But, unfortunately the past two months were the hardest to me as crap happens and not publishing for a while cost me an arm and a leg as I had almost no new followers and have lost a bunch of them. But, I promise that I will be more consistent.

However, as much as having a beautiful feed is key to gaining more followers, I would like to share with you tips on how to gain instant real followers, secrets on how to take beautiful pictures and many more lifesavers. So, please leave a comment on whether you would like to read about those tips or not.

Also, please  follow my page @beautyclimber, I would be very thankful and leave the name of your instagram account at the bottom of this page so that I can follow you back.



J. J.    Khadidja E.