Ramadan is by far my favorite month and that of many other Muslims around the globe. It’s the month of peace, grace, forgiveness and charity and thanks to it, we can strengthen the bonds with God and other people like us. It’s a golden opportunity for us to review our acts and ask for forgiveness. However, it can also be very difficult if we don’t adapt the right rhythm of life as we may lack sleep, energy and hydration. That is why I am sharing with you today a bunch of tips, or rather, hacks that keep you more energetic, hydrated, effective and productive.

With no further do, let’s get this done!


For those who never heard of this term, Suhur is the meal that we take in Ramadan just before down or «fajr». It is the last meal before the fast starts. So, it obviously serves as an energy storage to keep us through the entire day. However, you shouldn’t eat whatever crossess your brain and sight, then complain of feeling either too weak or too thirsty. Instead, you should select carefully foods that would do the job for you.

My personal favorite is a medium bowl of oats cooked with coconut oil and half a banana and maybe a square of dark chocolate with some nuts and you can even add a scope of protein powder to it. I take this for suhur simply because the oats are full of fiber and low in calories. So, they can keep you full for many hours without the need of shocking your metabolism with a wave of calories. The banana gives you energy as it’s quite high in carbs and contains some protein.The chocolate is a good stress killer and cocoa is well-known for its protection from high blood pressure, diabetes and many other sicknesses, as well as of its amazing benefits for the skin. While the coconut milk and the nuts are so healthy and loaded of healthy oils.

You can finish with a good half litre of water to stay hydrated all day long.

Please do not eat anything too salty or too sweet right before down because you will certainly be too thirsty.


Hydrate your everything!

As your body is deprived of water for so many hours, hydration should be twice considered in Ramadan as it’s unfortunately not only your throat that needs to be hydrated but also your skin. So, during Iftar( time after twilight or at the end of a fasting day during which you’re allowed to eat) and during Suhur, try to have as many healthy liquids as you can. I would recommend: water (of course), coconut milk, 100% natural juice, tea or coffee (with moderation as you might not sleep). But also, eat watermelon or melon as they’re full of water (you may wake up several times during the night to urine, though).

As your body needs hydration, as does your skin. When our bodies are deprived pf water, your skin tends to get drier and more pale, especially in hot weather. So in order to prevent this from happening, use day and night hydration creams, and more importantly, use lip balm or lip butter and apply it for as many times as necessary.



Explore new Recipes!

For those who don’t work and also for those who do (why not) a great way: not for only killing time but also to improve your cooking skills; is trying out new recipes. We tend to be more excited about cooking in Ramadan than in the other months as after a long fasting day, we want to at least treat ourselves. So, pull out those dusty cooking books from your shelves and make them useful!


Quran Recitation:

Many people give so much importance to food and fun Ramadan nights, but somehow forget that before everything, Ramadan is a religious month in which our good deeds are doubled and during which we try to be humble to God and people. So, reading Quran is as important as doing prayers on time, as it strengthens our bonds with God. A good way to read the max of Quran without being too tired or doing it as a duty is to try to read a page everytime you have the opportunity to, all along the day. For instance: in the bus, on the subway, on the tram, when you have 5 minutes at work or at school or even right before sleeping. You don’t even need to carry a hard copy with you as technology nowadays does everything for us: so just install an app on your phone or your iPad. If worse comes to worst, you can just play the quran in your car or while cooking; this way you would have at least achieved something.


Don’t turn your skin into a burned peanut or a grilled steak!

Your skin deserves a sun protection especially when it’s completely bare, and we all know that most of muslim women don’t wear makeup in Ramadan. So, never leave home without sunscreen, especially, when the weather is hot and sunny.  It’s also better to grab a double function cream that gives you some coverage as the Vichy Idéal Soleil, that is a sunscreen and a bb cream at the same time.


Staying fresh all day long with no perfume worn is actually possible!

As most of you avoid wearing perfumes in Ramadan, for the simple fact that they can be quite attractive and seductive; knowing that this holy month is all about staying modest and humble, staying fresh without wearing any fragrance is as easy as a pie, you just need to follow very simple beauty steps. First, after your shower, apply a body lotion or a body moisturizer all over your skin and leave it to penetrate for about 15 minutes before getting dressed. Then, use a roller deodorant followed by a spray one. Finally, use a body mist all over your body and also over your clothes if you want, as it helps to give that extra freshness and voilà!


Workout briefly but effectively!

This is officially the most important and interesting hack I would like to share with you today. I have been trying this method for years now and nobody argues on the opposite: BODY MIRACLES HAPPEN IN RAMADAN. Nowadays, nutritionists and sport coaches from all over the world are advising their clients to follow fasting diets. Simply because it’s a kind of pure detox to the body and if you workout while fasting, the results will be more important. The best way would be working out half an hour to an hour before breaking the fast so that you won’t die of thirst. By doing so, you will burn more fats, because when your body is on a starving mode, it will go straight to the reserves and burn those unwanted stubborn fats you have been struggling with for the entire time. As a result, and if you eat in a rational way during Iftar hours, you will notice an important way loss and you’ll wake up with a flatter tummy, every morning.



I know that Ramadan is about to end, but a little tip never hurts and it’s always good to learn a new thing. I hope this article was quite helpful. please feel free to like it or to leave a comment. That would be more than encouraging to me.

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Loads of love and kisses.

Khadidja E.