I love oatmeal and so do many of you, actually. They are very healthy and well-known of their good nutrients. They prevent cholesterol and are full of fiber. That is why they can keep you full for a few hours without the need of stuffing your stomach and metabolism with so many calories that become almost impossible to get rid of, later.

Today, I will be sharing with you a very easy way of making delicious oats in no time. So let’s get started!



-Half a medium bowl of oats or oat bran.

-250 ml of coconut milk (or any other type of milk, preferably skimmed one).

-Half a banana.

-20 gr of protein powder (or 4 scoops). I recommend The Slender Blend by Protein World or Bootea Shakes as they are light and low in calories.

A teaspoon of honey.

Half a tea-spoon of cinnamon.

For the topping: seeds mix, dried roses, raisins (or any kind of topping: nuts, blueberries…)


1- Pour the oats or oat bran into a glass bowl and add half of the 250 ml of milk to it until it’s covered. If not covered, add some more milk to it (this obviously depends on the quantity of oats you used on first place.

2- Put your oat and milk mix in the microwave for about two minutes, but then you need to watch it, as when it starts to boil it can easily overflow.

3- With the help of a mixer, mix the banana, protein powder and the rest of the milk all together.

4- Withdraw the oat bowl from the microwave and add to it the banana, protein and milk mix.

5- Add the cinnamon, honey and your chosen toppings to it and we are done!


I hope that you will find this quick recipe useful. I love oats and eat them for breakfast, as a snack and even for Suhur in Ramadan.

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Loads of Love.


Khadidja E.