Don't be scared of climbing the beauty mountain. Although it's limitless, it isn't that high. You are much more beautiful than the beauty itself.


Hey hey! ciao bellissime (don’t judge me as I am into Italian). Well, let’s break the mistery (as if it was one on first place). My name’s Khadidja, I am 25 years and I come from Algeria. For those who don’t know this country, well you can either google it, OBVIOUSLY, and skip the two or three coming lines or you could just let me give you an idea and keep up with reading. So, my country is a Northern African country, it has 1200 km of coastline, which is quite big in my opinion. The weather is quite good except that when it’s hot, it’s highly humid, too. By the way, you also should know that we aren’t black (I love black people and I absolutely have no problem with any other race however, I just don’t understand why everybody thinks we are black just because we live in Africa (though we have very lovely blacks in the South of the Country known as The Sahara). Anyway, let’s go back to the topic in hand! I am an English and Italian teacher and also, a certified examiner of some official exams like KET, PET, FCE and CAE, from the University of Cambridge. When I don’t work, I try to enjoy the very short time I have doing different types of activities, like working out (I am quite athletic even though I must also admit that I act very lazy from time to time and I lose my motivation like any normal human being. I guess what counts the most is TO TRY), inventing new quick and healthy recipes, shopping for new cosmetic products and trying them out, photoshooting and drawing, from time to time. Well LADIES and even GENTLEMEN (why not), this  is going to be mostly about exposing, reviewing and commenting cosmetics, on first place, drugstore makeup. I chose this latter for two major reasons, well first because I know that not everyone can afford expensive makeup brands, so better be realistic and make it accessible for everybody. Second, I belive that in the world of makeup you should give the chance to all the brands to be tried out even the least expensive, and trust me, you can be very surprised by the end of the day at how good some cheap products are and how bad a few expensive products could be. SO NEVER EVER JUDGE THE BRAND BEFORE YOU EVEN GIVE IT A GO. I will also be posting some fitness tips and routines and some healthy snack ideas. I would also like to add that I won’t be advertiing any brand for financial reasons. The only and unique factor of me favoring a few brands than others is brand reliability. I’ve got to admit that there are some brands that have almost never disappointed me. Consequently, you will certainly see me reviewing them positively. But, in case I don’t like any product of theirs, I would speak my opinion frankly and say it straight away to my dear followers because honesty is the key to the building of any strong relationship even that of fans. Please also know that I am not a professional (I have had only one very short beauty training that has been awarded to me after becoming a very faithful client to a makeup store in my country named MUST (by the way, it’s the only fragrance and makeup store that sells a range of good products). So, I am just a simple random young woman who likes to learn about health, fitness and beauty, but I guess it would be helpful to have the opinion of such a person as it would be a very direct point of view based on the real efficiency of the product and nothing more. Another point I would like to add would be that fact that I don’t by loads of makeup as I try to stick to the necessary but I have enough of it to show you the good and bad. PSX_20160423_232722

To conclude, I am so excited to share my simple knowledge with you and I hope you will enjoy it. Tons of love and kisses.

Your beauty blogger,

Khadidja Elhafaia